Racing at SLYC

Active racing fleets at Spring Lake Yacht Club include the Opti, Butterfly, Laser, MC Scow, C Scow and E Scow classes. Regular season series races are featured, as well as numerous special regattas and holiday events. Each summer SLYC offers beginner, intermediate and advanced sailing programs through the Spring Lake Junior Sailing Association that are open to both the public and the membership.

SLYC sponsors season long weekend races for E, C, MC, Laser, Butterfly & Opti Fleets. Races are held each Saturday and Sunday. There is also a Wednesday Butterfly & Opti Series, start time is 1pm.

The weekend races begin each race day at 10:00am for Opti’s, 11:30am for MCs, Lasers & Butterflys, and 2:10pm for E’s and C’s. Holiday weekends may have a different schedule. Please check out our Club Calendar for details.

Racing format: weather and conditions permitting, each fleet will sail two back-to-back races each race day. First race is downwind finish with second race starting immediately after. Second race is upwind finish if conditions/time permits.

Scoring: The Low Point Scoring System in Appendix A of the RRS will be used. Rule A9 will apply.

Throwouts: The worst 40% of a boat’s season scores (50% for Masters) will be thrown out.

Every registered boat qualifies for season trophy consideration. However, every boat is scored for every race during the season. It is in a sailor’s best interest to make it a priority to participate in races.

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Question or comments, please contact Brian DeBlank, Race Committee Chair.


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