SLYC Mug Club

Milkshake Mug Club 2019


In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we are trying to eliminate styrofoam cups from concessions.

Do your part to help and purchase a 16 oz. stainless steel SLYC cup pay only $1 per milkshake for the entire summer! Your cup will be stored at the club and signed out when you order a milkshake. You can take your cup home at the end of the year.

Non-transferable. One mug per family member, non-sharable between people. If do not have a mug in your name you will be charged regular price for the milkshake. 

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Product Description

Your mug will be available starting Memorial Day weekend. Concession will keep a list of Mug Members. When you buy a milk shake, you will sign out a mug and sign back in when you turn it in. If your mug is missing or not returned, you will be charged and additional $25 for replacement cost.

A limited number of cups are available. Deadline for first order is May 3. We will order more depending on demand.