Welcome to the 2020 NCSSA National Championships

June 19-21, 2020 • Muskegon Yacht Club

A year or so ago we were able to secure the Muskegon Yacht Club as the venue for the 2020 C Scow National Championship regatta! This great event will be conducted out of the MYC, June 19-21.
From the moment we were awarded the honor of hosting this great event, a great deal of planning and activity has taken place.  Great sailing, food and fun awaits the fleet at this one of kind sailing destination.  Muskegon has played host to both fixed keel and scow boat championships for nearly a century.  With access to a full kitchen, we’ll make sure everyone is well fed.  With a full bar, we’ll make sure everyone is well hydrated.  With some great local talent, we’ll make sure you are entertained.  And with a grand sailing tradition, we’ll make sure (most importantly) that we have fun on the water!
Jon Ledsworth, MYC’s PRO who has been selected to run the 2020 NCSSA Championships, has worked diligently with Mr. John Porter to pour over the expectations of the fleet and assist in developing a thorough and complete set of SIs and NOR.  The RC will contain a great deal of local and national sailing and officiating experience so as to promote the best features of Muskegon Lake.  The goal, for this great boat and all her sailors, is to get all that we can out of this big beautiful body of water!

Please join us to sail, to witness and to enjoy some tremendous rail to rail racing as only the C Scow class can provide!

Like the successful 2019 E Scow Nationals held last September on Muskegon Lake, we now have the opportunity make our own memories along the Lake Michigan lakeshore. And our own chance to cut some fast C Scow tracks in the waters of Muskegon Lake.
We look forward to seeing you in Muskegon this June!
Karl Lanka
Member, Spring Lake Yacht Club
Secretary, NCSSA


A limited about of shirts and hats will be available at the regatta, but you can pre-purchase and pick up at the event.