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Spring Lake Yacht Club Membership Rules & Expectations

Member Code of Conduct
Spring Lake Yacht Club is a family-friendly venue. All members are asked to show proper decorum while at the club.

  • Members shall treat fellow members, guests, staff, and patrons fairly, equally, and courteously. Any physical, verbal, or sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Members are responsible for the behavior of their respective guests or non-member visitors. Members shall ensure guests understand and adhere to Club policies during their visit.

Members are expected to be current in their dues and all other expenses accrued on their house accounts. Members are responsible for managing and reviewing their online accounts and should contact the SLYC Board with any issues before invoicing on the 1st of every month.

  • Members have 30 days to pay invoices before being considered “past due.”
  • Members who are past due on invoices will be charged a late fee; this fee will be determined annually by the Board.
  • Members are required to register an active digital payment method on their account.
  • A charge will be attempted off of the most recent form of payment on the membership account for members past due by more than 15 days. Members with past due invoices of 15 days or more hereby grant permission to the Board to incur payment using the most recent form of digital payment on the membership house account.
  • A membership in overdue indebtedness to the club for three (3) months shall automatically lose its membership status. Such members may be reinstated by payment of all debts to the club and SLYC Board approval.
  • Members reinstated after initial overdue indebtedness of more than three (3) months must have autopay set up with an active form of payment on their club account.

Club Cleanliness
Spring Lake Yacht Club is a member and volunteer-run organization. All members are responsible for keeping the Clubhouse and grounds clean and usable for all members and guests. While the club does employ a part-time manager, this does not negate the responsibility of members to help keep the club clean.

  • All food and personal items brought to the club should be disposed of or taken home when an individual departs.
  • The fridge/freezer for members is for the day-of storage of personal food and drink; items should not be left long-term.
  • The commercial fridge and freezer are for Concessions and Social Events only; they will be locked when not used.
  • Any dishes, utensils, or serving ware used by an individual should be cleaned, dried, and put away before leaving the club.
  • Food should be moved to a disposable plate or container if left for other members to enjoy after departing the club.
  • When trash bins are full, members should remove the full bag from the can and place it in the dumpster. Place a new liner in the receptacle.
  • Members are expected to clean up after themselves and clean any mess they may make; this includes vacuuming the carpet, cleaning up any spills, or hosing down the deck/patio.

Spring Lake Yacht Club is a family-friendly environment; we value that pets are part of the family. Dogs are currently allowed at the club with the following understandings:

  • Dogs are to be leashed and under the control of their owners at all times.
  • Owners will clean up after their pets.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse at any time.
  • Do not allow your dog to relieve themselves anywhere surrounding the clubhouse,
    boats, or beach.

Camping on SLYC property is allowed for no more than four consecutive days. It is against the terms of our lease to use the property as a campground. Electrical hookups are provided for short-term regatta camping only, and use should be cleared with the Regatta Host or Commodore before arrival. Campers and motorhomes are not to be stored on SLYC property.

Guests are welcome at the SLYC! Please bring your friends to the club and encourage them to join. We are a friendly, inviting bunch and would love to meet them. With that in mind, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Non-members may attend one party per season when invited by a club member.
  • Members are responsible for the actions of their guests, and guests are only welcome
    when accompanied by a member.
  • Individuals who wish to attend additional social events/parties or spend time at the club
    should join the club as a full member.
  •  Guests will be charged an additional $10 fee for all social events requiring a cover
    charge that provides a temporary membership to the SLYC for that event date.
  • The club facilities are on property owned by the Village of Spring Lake. The land is leased on a non-exclusive basis. Although the SLYC officers do not have the authority to require non-members to lease the grounds, they do have the authority to require non-members to lease the club buildings, docks, ramps, and other improvements.

Any children swimming from the SLYC premises must have proper supervision. Spring Lake Yacht Club DOES NOT provide lifeguards. Swimming or diving is only permitted between the swimming beach and the dock.

Boat Trailers
We strictly enforce a trailer registration and parking policy to keep the Spring Lake Yacht Club grounds clean and functional.

  • All boat trailers stored on SLYC grounds must be clearly marked for ownership. Trailers may not be stored on asphalt parking areas or the center lawn; all trailers must be stored in the designated area in the field at the top of the hill.
  • Members will receive one registration sticker for each sailboat that pays a race fee to the club.
  • Members who wish to park a power boat, sailboat, or other watercraft trailer at the club
    can either use a registration sticker from a sailboat race fee or purchase a trailer sticker.
  • Registration stickers are not transferable or redeemable for a refund of the trailer registration fee.
  • Power or sailboats not launched/used for more than 30 days during the sailing season must be removed from the Yacht Club grounds regardless of the registration sticker.
  • Non-registered and non-compliant trailers WILL be removed from the Club grounds and stored for 30 days before disposal.
  • The club will attempt to contact trailer owners of non-registered trailers before removal if ownership can be determined.
  • Disposal of trailers will include sale, eBay, Craig’s List, or other, and scrap/dump with any proceeds going to the general fund of the Yacht Club.
  • Boat trailers, when permitted, may be used on the furthest east ramp of the club. TheC/E scow dolly ramp should not be used because the tracks can be easily damaged.

Boat Docking (Harbormaster) 
Members are welcome to dock their boats at the SLYC. A boat may stay at an SLYC dock for no more than three (3) nights/four (4) consecutive days. It is against the terms of our lease to use the property as a marina. The SLYC Board will continually monitor the docks to ensure compliance with this rule.

Boat Ramp Areas  
Only boats registered to sail in club-sponsored races may be stored on the launching ramp areas and Butterfly Beach.

  • No boats are allowed on the swimming beach.
  • Ramp/beach position is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. In a dispute, when two parties arrive at the same time and want the same spot, the position will be determined by who registers first. Boats are not to be rearranged on-ramp/beach without discussing with owners.

Winter Boat Storage
There is no boat storage inside the clubhouse. Any member who wants to leave their boat on club property will do so at their own risk. Boats may not be stored on asphalt parking areas. They must be stored in the upper grass field.

Club Improvement Fund
All undesignated gifts to the club will be placed in the Club Improvement Fund. The fund may be used only for projects approved by the Board of Governors to improve club facilities.

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